Form Publisher pricing plans

20 form submissions or spreadsheet rows / month1 userUnlimited approversBranded notificationsAll features includedGoogle Forms add-onGoogle Sheets add-onBest effort support
Unlimited form submissions or spreadsheet rows / month1 userUnlimited approversUnbranded notificationsAll features includedGoogle Forms add-onGoogle Sheets add-onPriority support
Unlimited form submissions or spreadsheet rows / monthUnlimited users*Unlimited approversUnbranded notificationsAll features includedGoogle Forms add-onGoogle Sheets add-onPriority support
* inside a single Google Workspace domain
Prices are presented excluding potential tax.If you need custom legal agreements, a vendor security or compliance assessment, other prices apply. Please contact us.
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Form Publisher features include:

Document merge 

checkGenerate PDFs
checkGenerate Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
checkGenerate Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
checkInline images via file upload
checkSupports all Google Form field types
checkMultiple templates from one submission
checkUpdate files on submission edition
checkMass generate from Google Sheets

Sharing and notifications 

checkNotify form respondents
checkNotify custom recipients
checkChoose destination folder
checkWorks with Shared Drives
checkAutomated sharing with custom permissions
checkConfigure static or dynamic recipients
checkPersonalize email notifications

Approval workflows 

checkSet static or dynamic approvers
checkAllow approvers to add a comment
checkTrack all approvals, rejections and comments
checkLegally compliant eSignature
checkMultiple authentication methods
Some features are not available from the Google Sheets add-on
Please refer to this table for more information

Discover our powerful features

google forms
google sheets

Generate documents on form submission

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark inactive

Mass generate documents from spreadsheet

feature checkmark inactive
feature checkmark active

Document merge in multiple formats

PDF, Google Docs, Microsoft Office

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark active

Custom templates

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark active

Define a file naming convention for generated files

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark active

Store files in Google Drive

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark active

Approval Workflows

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark inactive

Personalized email notifications

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark inactive

Automated sharing

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark inactive

Legally compliant e-signatures

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark inactive

Multiple templates at once

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark inactive

Inline images or photos

feature checkmark active
feature checkmark inactive

Frequently asked questions, answered.


How can I pay? Can I get a quote and send a purchase order?
We accept most major debit or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, China Union, Apple Pay and Google Pay). We accept purchase orders and send quotes for orders of more than $1,000.
Do you offer discounts for educational institutions or non-profits?
No, we do not currently offer such discounts as Form Publisher is priced very affordably.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, follow the instructions here. When you cancel your subscription, your license will remain active until the end of your original subscription date. We do not offer prorated refunds.
Can I get a refund?
Form Publisher is a very reasonably priced service. We do not provide refunds unless there are extraordinary circumstances that warrant them. One of them could be upgrading from an individual plan to an enterprise plan. We never provide refunds on subscriptions older than 180 days.
Will my license be automatically renewed?
Yes, you don’t have to do anything to renew your Form Publisher license. You will receive a reminder before it happens, and of course, you can deactivate the automatic renewal whenever you want.
Is it possible to transfer my license to a different Gmail or Google Workspace account?
License transfer is only possible within the same domain if someone with a license leaves your organization, and you want to assign it to another person.
What is a user?
A user is someone who can configure document generation and workflows on Google Forms

Security and Compliance

Is my data safe with Form Publisher?
Your data is safe with Form Publisher since we never store your Google Forms and their content, email addresses of your recipients or content of your spreadsheet in our database. In addition, Data processing is exclusively limited to the automatic processing carried out by the application and does not include any manual processing by Talarian staff members. Finally, please note we do not sell any personal data to third parties. Learn more about the data stored by Form Publisher or read our Privacy policy.
What permissions are needed to use Form Publisher?
Form Publisher requires access to the Google environment to provide its services seamlessly across the Google Workspace apps. It only requests the permissions that are absolutely necessary for the use of Form Publisher features. You can find the exhaustive list of permissions and their meaning in our dedicated guide.
Is Form Publisher GDPR compliant?
Form Publisher is GDPR compliant: we align with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. As a data controller, we process personal data in a fair, transparent and secure way in accordance with Privacy Policy. As a data processor, Form Publisher processes personal data according to the Data Processing Agreement.
Is Form Publisher HIPAA compliant?
We comply with HIPAA Rules and make a Business Associate Agreement available to our Customers as an addendum to license agreements. To request a BAA to us, please fill-in this Google Form and you will automatically receive our standard BAA to sign.

On HIPAA compliance of electronically signing with Form Publisher:

The signature process does not fall under the BAA in itself as electronic signature is not regulated by HIPAA. So if you are requesting a patient to fill in a medical form with PHI, the form will be covered by the BAA and thus HIPAA compliant regardless of whether and how it is signed. HIPAA doesn’t mandate the way documents are signed, so an electronic signature in itself doesn’t conflict with HIPAA, but it doesn’t constitute compliance on its own either. HIPAA governs the use and transmission of PHI, which may or may not be contained in signed documents.
Is Form Publisher FERPA and COPPA compliant?
Yes, Form Publisher has been certified FERPA and COPPA compliant by the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. Form Publisher is listed on their website here.
Is the signature function within Form Publisher legally compliant?
We consider that e-signatures through Form Publisher is legally binding since it meets the requirements of US law and, notably, Form Publisher allows us to fulfil the requirement to maintain a digital audit trail that associates the signature with unique signifiers. Indeed, in order to sign a form sent through Form Publisher and then approve the workflow, the user needs to log to the application first. Therefore, identification and authentication of the signer are done and associated with the signature.


How can I send email notifications from another account?
To send email notifications from another account, you need to transfer the ownership of all Form Publisher settings on your Google Form from your original account to the other account. To do so, please follow the instructions from this documentation article.
How can I transfer my Form Publisher settings to another account?
If you wish to transfer Form Publisher settings ownership from one account to another, you can do so by following this documentation article. However, if you no longer have access to the Form Publisher settings owner account, we invite you to contact our Support team, so they can assist you with this further.
Can I set up a multi-level approval workflow within Form Publisher?
Form Publisher currently allows single-level approval workflow only, but multi-level approval workflow is on our roadmap.

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