How to Release Scores on Google Forms

March 18, 2024
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Setting up, sharing, and scoring quizzes is integral to an educator's role. Knowing how to release scores on Google Forms can not only enhance your workflow but also foster a transparent learning environment.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how you can release scores and speed up the grading of your Google Form quizzes. In the end, we’ll also give you a handy tool that’ll help you if you’re manually grading quizzes.

How to release scores from your Google Forms quiz

If you already have a quiz set up, here’s how you can release scores in Google Forms.

Step 1: Open your Google Forms quiz

Navigate to your Google Forms

Find and click on your quiz to open it.  

Step 2: Go to Settings

Toggle over to the settings from the ‘Questions’ tab.

Step 3: Select from “Release grades” options

Here, under ‘Release Grades,’ or ‘Release Marks’ depending on where you live, you’ll find two settings: you can choose to release the scores immediately upon the quiz submission or you can release them later. 

If you select ‘Immediately after each submission,’ your students will see a ‘View score’ option immediately when they click ‘Submit.’ 

When they click ‘View score,’ they’ll be shown the total points and the correct answers in a new window. Learn how to add correct answers and points to a Google Form quiz. 

Select the ‘Later after manual review’ option in Settings if you don't want to release the score immediately. This way, your students won’t get an option to view their scores after submitting their answers. However, the score gets recorded in the quiz, and there’s a lot that you can do with it. 

Toggle over to the ‘Responses’ tab and scroll down under ‘Summary.’

You’ll be able to see the status of the scores as ‘Not Released.’

You can instantly release the scores by clicking the ‘Release scores’ button on top. 

This will lead you to a window where you can input a message for all your students whose scores you release. Click the ‘Send emails and release’ button to release their scores. Additionally, you may want to look through individual responses to leave personalized comments. 

To do this, toggle to the ‘Individual’ tab to see individual responses. 

For each individual response, you can click the ‘Add individual feedback’ to leave a comment or a response. 

You can add a personalized response for your student and click ‘Save.’ They’ll see the comment when you release the individual student’s responses. 

Knowing when to release scores immediately, when to hold onto them, and how to grade Google Forms is important to keep daily workflow effective. 

How to speed up grading Google Forms quizzes even more

Add answer feedback to short answer questions

If you’ve included short answer questions on your quiz, you can enhance grading efficiency by incorporating answer feedback into your grading process. Giving answer feedback provides instant guidance and ensures that feedback remains personalized. This is great for building classroom rapport. 

Send students a copy of their response

You can optimize your grading workflow by sending students a copy of their responses. This proactive approach not only fosters transparency but also creates a healthy learning feedback loop.

While Google Forms has a setting where you can send your students a copy of their responses, this isn’t the best way. The copy created is bare bones with absolutely no personalization. 

If you want to send better response documents, you can opt for Form Publisher. This add-on allows you to create individual response documents that you can customize and personalize to your students and preferences. 

Store submissions in Google Drive automatically

Using Form Publisher has another advantage: once you’ve created individual response documents, you can store them safely and automatically in your Google Drive with a naming convention of your preference. 

If you create individual PDF documents through Google Forms settings, you have to work on turning every response into a PDF file and then setting up its destination. It’s a long, drawn-out process that you can shorten considerably with Form Publisher. 

Need to manually grade responses? Form Publisher makes that easier

When faced with manually grading responses in Google Forms, Form Publisher can again simplify the process for you. Creating individual response documents through Google Forms is a cumbersome process, and you only get PDF documents in the end. 

With Form Publisher, you can also get response documents in Google Docs format. This way, you can easily grade your quizzes, even for subjective answers and essays. Form Publisher is dedicated to providing effective solutions to ease educator’s workflow. 

If you’re an educator, explore Form Publisher today!

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