How to Use Google Forms for Your Small Business Forms

January 10, 2024
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Forms are entrenched in many business processes. From dealing with customer purchases to internal work processes, there’s little that doesn’t involve forms. It’s no wonder that optimizing something small, like just how data is collected, can have a much broader impact on a business's overall efficiency and productivity.

However, how do you use Google Forms in your business for maximum leverage? Let’s break down how to use Google Forms for your small business forms.

How can you use Google Forms for small business processes?

Google Forms allows you to create forms easily. With a simple addition of Form Publisher, it can be your go-to tool for creating, distributing, and collecting responses from essential small business forms. Let’s examine a few small business processes that could benefit from including Google Forms. 

Streamline expense forms for your small business

Creating and sharing expense forms is a daily task of a small business. It requires straightforward quantitative data collection, so it’s a good choice for processes that can be streamlined with Google Forms. 

Whether it’s receipt submissions or reimbursement requests, business expense data must be accurately recorded and manipulable. This is where Google Forms submission shines as Google Forms data is easily transferred to Google Sheets

Businesses also have diverse needs. Google Forms allows you to include custom fields in your expense forms to collect the data you need to streamline your financial processes effortlessly. You can even view analytics to track and optimize your business expenses. 

Make your Google Forms anonymous

Create your small business order forms

Another process to consider optimizing is your business order forms. You can easily standardize your business's order collection and distribution process here since Google Forms makes it very easy to create custom order forms

When you work with Google Forms, you can customize categories like product details and shipping preferences. You can also brand them by inserting your company logo, furthering your marketing efforts. 

You can even carry out associated processes, like printing receipts by converting form responses to PDF and adding payments to your Google forms. Also, think of all the paper you’ll save by doing away with manual order forms. 

Make your hiring process more efficient

Google Forms can help you optimize and expedite your small business hiring process as well. There are essentially three phases to employee recruitment: job application, candidate screening, and employee onboarding. Google Forms proves invaluable across all. 

For the application stage, you can create detailed job applications with different question types like open-ended, linear scale, and otherwise to collect candidate information. The sharing and collaboration feature makes it easy to share your form with applicants to show them their responses and with colleagues to aid the screening and shortlisting process.

In onboarding, working with Google Forms ensures a smooth transition by creating forms for essential paperwork and easing the documentation process for new hires.

Make free HR forms for small business staff

Using Google Forms for data collection can empower a small business’s HR processes. From employee feedback surveys to leave requests and performance evaluations, this versatile tool offers a cost-effective solution. 

With forms, you can effectively collect data and, with the addition of Form Publisher, you can automate the routing of forms to create approval workflows. For example, you can have an employee fill out a leave request form, which automatically gets routed to the HR manager for approval. 

You can even create pulse surveys to routinely gauge employee satisfaction or performance and efficacy of a new policy change. Additionally, you can make and deploy professional development surveys for your employees, fostering an environment of growth and productivity. 

Create approval workflows with Form Publisher

While Google Forms can cover all your form creation needs, Form Publisher takes Google Forms’s functionality up a notch, allowing you to create powerful and time-saving approval workflows. 

From purchase requests to order forms to project proposals, Form Publisher automates document generation and approval cycles. Not only that, Form Publisher creates customized and personalized documents that can be saved for business records. 

Combining Google Forms with Form Publisher simplifies decision-making, enhances collaboration, and increases efficiency in your small business operations. 

Need to upload an image to your form? Click here to learn how.

All small businesses can benefit from Form Publisher

No matter what kind of business you are, you can unlock efficiency and streamline operations with Form Publisher. Tailored for seamless integration with Google Forms, this versatile add-on transforms data collection and document generation. 

Whether you want to manage internal HR processes or enhance client interaction, Form Publisher can tie it all together and improve organization-wide efficiency.

If you want to create customized forms effortlessly, automate document creation, and facilitate approval workflows, saving time and resources, try Form Publisher today!

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