How to Make and Use a Google Form Survey

August 22, 2022
How to Make and Use a Google Form Survey
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you’re looking to collect data for different types of surveys, you must’ve heard of Google Forms surveys. Using Google Forms to collect data is extremely efficient regardless of whether you want to create traditional surveys, Google questionnaires, or polls. It’s easy to use and integrates well with other Google products such as Sheets and Docs.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make a Google Form survey from start to finish. We’ll also discuss some of the ways that Google Forms can be used.

Creating a Google Form is easy! Simply follow these steps.

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How to create a new Google Form Survey

Step 1: Go to or Google Drive

The first step is to open Google Forms. You can do this by going to in your web browser, or by going to Google Drive and selecting "New" > "Google Forms.”

Step 2: Pick from different Google Forms survey templates

Next, you can select a template. The Google Forms platform offers many different types of Google Forms survey templates to choose from, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. There are templates for RSVP, Contact information, Party invites, and more!

However, If you’re unsure of which template to use, you can always start with the ‘’Blank’’ template.

Step 3: Change the title of your Google Form survey

After you have selected a Google Form survey template, the next step is to change the title of your form. To do this, click on where it says "Untitled form" text at the top of the page and enter a new title. For example, you could title your form "RSVP for My Birthday Party" or "Contact Information Form."

You can also add a description to your form if you want to provide the responder with more context. To do this, click on the "Form description" text box and enter a short description of your form that will appear below the title.

Step 4: Adjust questions and answers in your Google questionnaire

Once you have given your form a title and description, it's time to start adding questions to your Google questionnaire! Google Forms makes it easy to add a variety of different question types, including multiple-choice, drop-down, short answers, and more.

To add a question, simply replace the "Untitled Question" text with your question and then click on the answer type that you want to use. For example, if you are asking for someone's name, you would select the "Short answer" answer type.

Google Forms also allows you to include images and videos in your questions. To do this, click on the image or video icon from the question toolbar. This is also where you can add section headers to your form if you want to divide it up into multiple parts. To do this, click on the "Add section" button from the question toolbar.

Once you’ve added all of the questions that you want, it's time to move on to customizing the form to your liking!

Step 5: Customize the Google Form theme

Google Forms offers a variety of themes that you can use to customize the look of your form. To select a theme, simply click on the "Theme" button from the top-right corner of the page.

You can also create your custom theme by clicking on the "Customize" button. This will allow you to change the colors, fonts, and background of your form.

Step 6: Preview the Google Form survey you've created

Before you share your form with the world, it's a good idea to preview it first. To do this, simply click on the "Preview" button from the top-right corner of the page.

This will open your form in a new tab, and you can test out all of the questions to make sure everything is working as it should.

If you’re happy with the way your form looks, it's time to move on to sending it out!

The final step is to share your form with the world! To do this, click on the "Send" button from the top-right corner of the page.

This will open a sharing dialog, and you can choose to send your form via email or share it via a link. You can also embed your form on a website if you want.

If you are sending your form via email, simply enter the email addresses of the people who you want to receive your form, add a subject and message, and then click on the "Send" button.

If you’re sharing your form via a link, simply copy the link and share it with people through email, social media, or any other method. However, make sure to shorten the link if you are sharing it online, as the default link can be quite long.

And that's it! You have now learned how to create a form using Google Forms.

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Creating an online Google Form survey for different purposes

Google Forms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating surveys, collecting customer feedback, or event registration. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways you can use Google Forms:

Creating traditional Google Form surveys

Data collected through surveys can be used to improve products or services or to understand customer sentiment. Surveys can also be used to collect valuable feedback from employees.

Google Forms can help you automate the process of collecting data from surveys. With Google Forms, you can create surveys that can be accessed by respondents. Creating a survey in Google Forms is especially useful because you’ll be able to use branching logic to customize the experience for each respondent depending on their answers.

In addition, you can use Google Forms to track responses in real-time. This way, you can see how many people have responded to your survey and what their responses are. Google Forms provides users with automated graphs and charts from responses.

However, the best way to analyze your results and make decisions based on them is to use a tool like Form Publisher. With Form Publisher, you can automatically generate beautiful PDF or Word documents from your form responses, making them easy to share with your team or print out for your records.

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Making a Google Form survey for collecting RSVPs for an event

To help you keep track of who is coming to your event, you can use Google Forms to collect RSVPs. Simply create a form with the relevant questions (name, email, number of guests, etc.) and share it with your attendees.

Then, when people RSVP, their responses will be automatically collected in a spreadsheet, making it easy for you to see who is coming and what they need.

Plus, you can customize the layout of your documents and add your branding to perfectly match your event's aesthetic.

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Using Google Forms surveys in the form of a quiz

One of the most popular use cases for Google Forms is creating quizzes. Quizzes can be used for a variety of purposes like assessing student knowledge or preparing for an upcoming test.

If you know how to deploy different types of questions then you know how to make a google questionnaire or quiz. The different question types you'll be able to choose from, include multiple-choice, short answers, and checkboxes. You can also add images and videos to your quiz to make it more engaging.

Google Form also allows you to enable the ''Response Validation'' feature to validate user input and ensure that people are answering the questions correctly.

By clicking on the “Make it a quiz” option, you can even add an answer key to the form. This makes it easier to grade multiple choice questions. For short response questions, you can add a few different answers that would be accepted.

Once you've created your quiz, you can analyze the results. With Google Forms, you can see how many people got each question right and wrong, as well as what the average score was. Using the Google Sheet where your responses are stored by default, you can use filters to segment your data and see how different groups fared on the quiz.

With Form Publisher, you can automatically generate a PDF or Google Doc of the quiz results, which makes it easy to share with your students or colleagues.

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Generate documents from your Google Form responses easily with Form Publisher!

Now that you know how to make a Google Form and all the different ways it can be used, you're ready to get started. Forms are an easy way to gather data from your customers or survey participants. While making a Google Form will simplify many of your professional and personal tasks,, why stop there? You can make your life even easier. With Form Publisher, you can easily generate documents for your records.

Form Publisher is an add-on for Google Sheets that makes it easy to create polished and professional-looking documents from your form submissions. With just a few clicks, you can have all of your data transformed into a beautiful PDF, Google Doc, or Microsoft Office document.

Most of all, though, Form Publisher allows your company to go paperless! It automates administrative processes so you can save time on time-off requests, agreements, consent forms, and much more. For more on use cases, visit our website.

So why wait? Install Form Publisher today and start taking advantage of its powerful features!

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